Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Steal of the Day: ERGO BABY

The Ergobaby is on sale on babysteals.com today!!  BUY ONE if you are expecting or have a friend who is expecting!!

If I could go back in time and buy only one piece of baby gear, it would probably be my Ergobaby.  Muffin can hang out, nap, hang out, nap all while Mommy and Daddy do amazing, normal things like spend time with friends, go to a BBQ, enjoy a late night by the campfire....it is just a life saver for the baby and the parent.  You get to enjoy your baby and your life and your baby never misses a nap or a moment with you.  Are you sold yet?  And it's almost 50% off on Babysteals today only.  Parfait!


  1. :-((( They don't ship internationally... :-((
    Very nice blog!

  2. Ditto! I love my ergo baby carrier. I am going to snap one of these up for a shower gift! Great Blog!