Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Positive Shift

Dear Readers,

Getting ready for work can be a challenge.  You want to look polished, young, fashionable and exec-worthy.  But you want to feel comfortable.  And preferably, skinny.  My solution is and always has been The Work Dress.  No having to find pants/tops/jackets/etc. in a rush.  Just toss on the right dress with a great pair of heels and some lipstick and you're set for work, parties, pictures, you name it.  Day to night you look fab and ready to rock.

Sadly, since having Muffin some of my fantastic fitted Work Dresses aren't really flattering (ie they look like sausage casing).  It's unfortunate on a number of levels, but it's reality.  Someone said "after you have children your body re-arranges" and I think that's true.  I always had a smaller upper body which enabled me to wear "fit and flare" styles with ease.  Now I need a little more "give" in the middle section.  Against these odds, I still want to look like a stylish Mama.

Lucky for me, a shift/shirt dress is always in. Even MORE lucky is that The Gap (remember The Gap?  we used to shop there in high school) has had a bunch of fantastic work-appropriate, comfortable and quick shift-ish dresses recently for very reasonable Gap-like prices.  Plus, The Gap is constantly running sales making these dresses even more affordable (which is great because in a few months I'm donating each and every one of these when Mama gets her body back).

So there you have it: the perfect solution to all post-baby/non-ideal body closet moments! It's a closet miracle.

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