Friday, December 7, 2012

Booties for All!

Dear Readers,

I have struggled for quite some time re: booties.  I know they're in.  I think they're super cute.  I'm convinced I need them and yet I cannot find the right pair.  I see them on others, decide for sure I love them, buy a pair, take them home and then.....stare at myself in the mirror.  Keep staring.  Eventually I say to myself (aloud) "if you're thinking that hard about them the answer is no!"  I had a friend once who said "you and I shop too much to be lukewarm about our purchases."  I mean, I did shop more then (yes, seriously) but she nevertheless was, and remains, correct.

So what is it??  I start to believe booties and I are just not meant to be and then I see them AGAIN on some stylish girl and so I AGAIN try to make them work to no avail.  Am I just not fashion forward enough?  Am I just not wearing them right?  WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?????

So anyhow.  Stress.  Strife.  Sadness.  And then, a discovery:  All the cute/young/hip style bloggers are always wearing their stuff.  So I figured, why not check it out?  Low!  Super trendy, super cute, inexpensive and free shipping both ways (the Holy Grail of websites in my book!).

What is it, you ask?  Well, it's basically an improved version of Shoedazzle with slightly higher prices but much better shoes.  And for things like booties which are not timeless (they're not, I'm sorry), why spend $300 on a pair or even $100 when you could spend $49.99 on a great pair, wear them out this winter and have no qualms whatsoever tossing them in garbage come spring.  Also great for: bridesmaid shoes, statement shoes, shoes that will go with only one dress but will make that dress fabulous, etc. etc.

The possibilities are literally endless!  Shoes for all!  Hoorah!!

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