Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Whole New World

Dear Readers,

Recently, a quote I find myself thinking of a lot is "Begin as you intend to go on."  I got that from Tracy Hogg, the "Babywhisperer."  She's an advocate of not engaging in what she calls "accidental parenting" ie doing things because they're easy (at the moment) without thinking through what you're really getting yourself into.  This applies to parenting as much as life.  Accidental life?  Things being tossed together "just this once?"  I hear you!

But listen: The thing I loved so much about The Secrets of the Babywhisperer book was how sweet "The Hogg" was to us moms (in addition to giving us some real and concrete help).  Listen, Chicken, being a mom is no easy task.  It's a WONDERFUL task, but it's no cake walk.  Some days you're just tired and you think "I'll just let Baby do this this one time" or "Once this thing is over at work I'll get back to exercising and eating right."  But before you know it, it's a daily habit, and you've created quite the bad situation that really doesn't work for you.  It's ok!  Realizing a change may need to be made is a good thing.  It means you're paying attention.  And it's the first step towards a new beginning.

So bottom line: Remember tomorrow is another day.  It doesn't matter when you begin, but whenever it is begin (again) as you intend to go on.  And life will be wonderful.


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