Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fresh Mint

Dear Readers,

This year, I decided to go a new route with our annual Christmas photo card.  We have always used Shutterfly, which we love (especially with their updated photo album site), but this year I decided to branch out and use  The real reason is because Sweetie and I have an ongoing "discussion" regarding whether to put one fantastic photo on the card (my vote) or ten (Sweetie's vote).  Then I received a beautiful card from a friend using Minted with one great photo on the front and several smaller ones on the back and I thought "OK: Now we're talking!"

After using Minted's site, a few fun things to note: 1) the designs are fresh and truly fabulous and far more inventive than, say, a digital snowman background; 2) most cards have a lot of customizable options from the edging to what you want on the back of the card (words, photos, patterns, etc.); and 3) they offer a free service to print your recipient addresses on the cards FOR YOU.  What?!!?  Yes.  I mean, I'm not so organized that I could actually use that option this year, but how wonderful!  Now I really do need to put all our addresses into Excel like I've promised I would for....oh, never mind.

Anyhow, bottom line: Minted is fresh and solves many of the dilemmas we all have when selecting a stock Holiday card.  Now you can include a note (or not), share a lot of photos (or not), and send something truly beautiful and personal that you put together in a snap.  Hoorah!

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