Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Run, Don't Walk

Dear Readers,

Muffin has the most adorable little round Muffin feet.  Even though he's stretched out a lot since his Michelin-Man zenith at around nine months, he's still got sweet, tiny, round feet.  Don't worry - the boy can walk just fine.  Make that run.  He clearly doesn't get this from me, but he loves nothing more than to run everywhere basically all day long.

So what shoes do you put on a very active toddler boy with perfectly spherical tootsies?  I bought pair after pair that had to be returned because I couldn't squish his little feet into most shoes, or they tripped him up.  Then Muffin spent the weekend with his grandparents and came back with a cute pair of sandals by See Kai Run.

Now, the grandparent-purchased sandals were close to $50, which seemed unnecessary I thought.  But they fit wonderfully, and I didn't pay for them, so whatever.  Five months later, I'm a convert.  These shoes are worth every penny.  They were purchased in May and I'm going to retire them after our trip to Kona next week simply due to the change in season.  After nearly 5 months of almost daily, rambunctious, sometimes very dirty wear they are pristine and by far the best shoes we've ever bought.

So I decided to buy Muffin a new, fall/winter-friendly pair in his new larger size figuring that at around $50 a pop that's $10 a month for shoes that fit like a glove, never fall off, never break and are pretty darn fashionable.  Even better, there is a huge sale right now on their website!

Run, don't walk, and buy your bambino some - you'll both love them.

 (Note: I know the shoes above are for girls, not boys; I just couldn't resist they were so cute!)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fall Fever

Dear Readers,

I've been enjoying late summer. Since we were consumed by smoke from the Yosemite fire for a lot of August, clear, warm weather is very welcome and I was talking about wanting the warm weather to continue until mid-October.

I take that back.

Check out the awesome looks from Emerson Fry.  Below are a few shots from their fall look book.  I want to snap my fingers and look exactly like these models pretty much every day this fall/winter.  Simple, stylish and totally fabulous. J'adore!

Now, I cannot WAIT for fall.  Cozy food, the excitement of the change of season and onset of the holiday social season.  And now, the CLOTHES.  Bring it on!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Quickie Shake

Dear Readers,

I adopted the easiest, yummy shake in the world from (wait for it...) GP's It's All Good.  I know, I know.  The obsession will stop someday soon, but I'm currently cooking my way through many of the pages so bear with me.  And if I suddenly look like GP, you'll all know why.

Anyhow, the Almond Kale Shake (my slightly altered version) is not only easy, good and good for you on a busy (or lazy) morning, but it's Muffin's new favorite thing!  He seriously will down an entire cup of this all at once when given some.  That kid kills me.  Also, I felt very smug reporting to his pediatrician at his 18 month appointment that his top foods included an almond kale shake.  I won't mention his other favorite food (ice cream).

Here you go!

Almond Kale Shake

1 cup of kale (baby or regular; if using the grown-up version de-rib it first)
1 cup of almond milk
2 tablespoons of almond butter
1 tsp of vanilla extract
1 pitted date
3 ice cubes

Blend, blend, blend in your blender of choice and presto!  Breakfast, snack, whatever of champions!

Bon appetite!