Thursday, November 1, 2012


Dear Readers,

A long time ago I read Sylvia Plath's "The Bell Jar."  In addition to the term "shock therapy" always reminding me of her, there was a line that I was really taken with.  It was a description of the experience of encountering something true, and it went something like "You open a door and the man standing there says he's your father, and despite the fact you've never met him before you know that he is."

Yeah, I know.  My, what a super sunny introduction!  But seriously, when I read that line I thought "I know what she's talking about" because I have that experience shopping.  You know - sometimes you run across things and instead of thinking "hmm....maybe that's me...maybe I could make that work" you find things that scream "I'M YOURS!"  And, being narcissistic as we all can be, anything that screams "I WAS DESIGNED FOR YOU!" requires immediate purchasing because how could you turn down anything so perfect?

So it was today when I ran across my new favorite website,  The music swelled, time stood still and for a brief moment I stared thinking "where have you been all my life?"  Clothing, accessories, home items, everything is just "me."  Colorful, fun, classic but not boring, girly but not icky-sticky...Stoppit.  Be still my beating heart.

Visa card: get ready.  You're going to get some serious exercise in the next few months!

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