Friday, November 30, 2012

Smooth Sailing

Dear Readers,

A while back leggings became a staple in my wardrobe.  They're comfy, easy, and chic paired with flats or boots and a long-ish top or short dress (no, leggings do not replace pants - see image below if you're confused about this).  Especially now that I'm a mom and spend a lot of time on the floor and bending over I appreciate having something on that doesn't require a whole lot of adjustment that moves with me.  However, one thing kept leggings from being my one true wardrobe love - waistband muffin top.

Now, while Muffin himself is the cutest baby on the entire planet, "muffin" of the mid-waist variety is the exact opposite of cute.  When I was pregnant I had some Be Maternity leggings that went all the way up to my bra line that I 1000% loved.  I even tried to keep wearing them after Muffin was born, but low-rider leggings are potentially even less cute than tight, muffin-top leggings so I grudgingly stopped.  And then I found miracle leggings made by every woman's frennemie: Spanx!

First, trust me you don't want to rip them off an hour into wearing them like most Spanx products.  The "Look-at-me High Waisted Leggings" go up to the bra line and down to your ankles. These opaque leggings smooth you out while remaining comfy.  Yes, they're a small fortune ($72 for leggings?!) but they're worth it in my book.  No yanking to keep them up, no concerns of what you look like in certain tops (especially from behind), just smooth black leggings that stay up all day long.  Simply put, these leggings offer peace of mind.  And THAT makes these leggings (or even two pair!) totally worth it.

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