Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hey, Sugar!

Dear Readers,

Cold weather is officially here and we all know what that means: chapped lips.  Ew.  I know.  I hate even talking about it, but it's a fact of life.  I broke out my fab lip products and thought "I'm so happy I have you!"  The reason I have them close at hand is because last year when I was preggers my lips were terrible.  Given that the only decent parts of my body left were 1) my lips and 2) my ankles, I went to great lengths to protect both up to the bitter end.  Through trial and error I discovered some awesome products that of course I'll share with you!

1. Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment.  Sure, it costs as much as one to three bottles of wine (depending on your mood and pocketbook), but it's the best stuff around.  The clear works the absolute BEST.  Fresh makes a line of tinted lip treatments too, they just don't work as well (IMO - and that's all that counts).

2. Fresh Sugar Lip Polish.  Back in the day, The Body Shop made a great exfoliating chapstick.  No more.  But this Fresh Sugar Lip Polish tastes better anyhow and does the trick.  It's a little messy, and make sure to remove ALL lipstick before using, but it gets your lips soft, smooth and fabulous in no time.

3. It's called a toothbrush  I learned this trick from the late '80's sitcom about models, Living Dolls.  I think it lasted about 3 episodes, but what I learned endures: just use an old toothbrush on your lips after brushing your teeth and your lips will be like silk.  See?  The more you know....

4. FUTURO Compression trouser socks.  When my ankles started to swell, I about lost my you-know-what.  Was it not bad enough I had no clothing?  Now I REALLY had no clothing because all of my adorable maternity dresses were supported by a set of tree trunks.  I bought all kinds of compression hose, socks, and tights and they all were, basically, torture devices that forced you to workout to even get a toe in.  Then I discovered these trouser socks at WalMart and switched to wearing leggings, tall boots and tunics.  Thanks to these puppies, at the end with my fancy socks hidden inside my boots I felt every inch the preggo sex bomb (in my head).  These could also come in handy on long flights post-baby.

See?  With a few key products you've instantly got your sexy back!  Bring it on!

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  1. You provided the lip service advice last winter and all I can say it ditto :) Love Fresh Sugar regardless of the price. I loved that show, Living Dolls which was a spin off of Who's the Boss (thank you wikipedia!)