Thursday, November 29, 2012

Winged Victory

Dear Readers,

I am married to a man who could take or leave many things but loves specialty beer, liquor, wine and all the accouterments with the passion I reserve for designer handbags and shoes. Every foreign trip requires the purchase of at least one local specialty drink as a momento.  And they are...special.  Sweetie conducts large scale tastings of these finds late into our evening parties.  The net result is a lot of very intoxicated friends starring blurry-eyed at my husband while he happily goes on and on about where he found these bottles, how the locals drink them and what he thinks are the important things to notice.

My first Christmas gift to my husband was some Calvados and a personalized decanter.  We had met in Europe and everywhere we went he asked if they had Calvados.   I swear, he teared up a little when he opened the gift and was speechless for a second (realizing, of course, he'd met his soul mate, clearly).  Every year I hope to get him something misty-worthy, and I always strike out.  UNTIL NOW.  Enter:

Wingtip is a fantastic men's store curated for "the modern gentlemen."  The items are wonderfully organized with, obviously, a whole section devoted to wine and spirits.  Behold!  A pewter-mounted drinking horn!  An ice ball press (I know, I'd never seen one before either)!  A wine aroma master kit!  It's just so.....Sweetie.  They even have an interactive gift guide!  So, if your man is like mine, a "modern gentlemen" who would get a big kick out of something so super fabulous and fine, well, You're Welcome.  Christmas, complete.

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