Wednesday, November 14, 2012

For Fab's Sake

Dear Readers,

I'm friends of friends of some very trendy New Yorkers who are much hipper than I.  Through their "likes" on Facebook I discovered a new site called  Many of you probably already know about it, but since they don't sell baby things (that I know of....) it hasn't been on my radar.  That is, until I saw these fine t-shirts on there from Skip N' Whistle.

I personally love traditional Holiday sweaters.  I'm not talking ugly Christmas sweaters with the rhinestones, etc. but the traditional knit sweaters that look like you bought them in Bavaria.  Love.  So Ralph Lauren.  I always try to get my S.O. to wear one but he swears they're too hot.  All that standing by an open fire and yule nog makes sweaters too much to bear for some.  UNTIL NOW:

Enter, the Holiday Tee designed to look like a knit sweater!  And, for the really super cool and hipster among us, they have some, um...non-traditional prints too!

That too cool cousin?  Done.  Your sister's hipster boyfriend/whatever they are?  Sold.

The makers of this fine assortment of T-shirts, Skip n' Whistle, has a great website that sadly doesn't include their holiday looks.  They are fun though!  Check it out!

Hohoho -

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