Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nailed it!

Dear Readers,

I love fashion magazines and always will.  I honestly started buying Vogue in grade school.  Recently, however, being mid-makeover I've put a moratorium on clothing purchases.  More or less.  So I've turned my attention to my hair and nails.  My mid-length bob and short, recently-unmanicured hands were making me feel like a Frumpy Mommy.  However, I didn't want to go too far.  Being a Professional Mommy it's a tightrope between stylish and young and teenybop wannabe.

Then yesterday a client of mine had the cutest nails (maroon except for her ring finger which was a light silver sparkle) and it inspired me to try the different colored nail trend.  It's subtle if you have short nails but fun as long as you aren't in a jury trial.  You can even go more subtle by doing the same shade on all the fingers but adding a little clear sparkle over the fourth finger.  So many options, so many ways to make those fingers flying across that keyboard a little more festive.

Then there's the hair. The bob makes me feel like a middle-aged newscaster, but at the same time it's easy and it's always professional.  But then, after watching a million episodes of 30 Rock and reading Bossypants (fab) I figured if Liz Lemon can sport the trendy wavy curls so can I!  To avoid looking like Shirley Temple (a legit concern given the length of my hair) I invested in a Chi clampless curling wand.  These puppies are expensive, just like your fav ceramic flat iron, so check out Overstock and the like for deals.

Ok, for the how-to.  Styling was actually easier than I thought it would be.  Just split your hair in half at the ears.  Pin up the top half.  Starting on one side take one-inch sections and curl them away from your face. Then let down the top and repeat.  Comb your fingers through and set with a little spray.  Remember - you want it to look effortless.  The curls don't have to be perfect, but I HIGHLY recommend putting some smoothing serum on your ends lest you look like you just spent hours standing in the wind after taking out your sponge curlers.  I really like Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Rescue Sealed Ends.

So there you have it.  Professional. Sassy. And Hot Mamma approved (see Beyonce, below).  Ta-da!

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