Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dare to Dream: The Makeover Edition

Dear Readers,

Recently, while watching back episodes of Glee on Hulu (man I love Hulu and it is so not a waste of money), I was swept up in the Rachel and Kurt rapturous romp of reinvention and dream-following in NYC.  Then they broke into to try on dresses and SJP found them and didn't get mad, she just said "You had me at 'makeover.'" Then they started singing I felt like I did when I was little and watched Annie over and over and over and I was like, "I want a makeover and I want to follow my dreams too!!" (Side note, SJP got her start on Broadway in Annie.  And then she went on to SATC fabulosity.  Coincidence?  I think not.)

So this spurred the question: "what are my dreams?"  I mean, my life is pretty great.  I'm not on magazine covers or living in St. Tropez, but as life goes I kinda hit the "good life" jackpot.  So what's missing?  A little showbiz glitz and glamour.  And we all know what that means: MAKEOVER!

And so it has begun: my transformation from a "before" to an "after."  Oh yes yes yes - I'm not hideous now.  Not for a new mom living in the suburbs working a desk job with a shopping and fashion mag habit.  But let's face it - anytime someone qualifies "you look great" with "for a new mom" or "for [fill in the blank]" the makeover sequence should start.  And so it has!

"Can I get some music, please!"

This weekend, I received the Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis package and decided that I should look like Tracy prior to Muffin turning one, or before I turn 34, whichever.  Especially after I heard her speak on her videos and decided that she was super nice, we'd probably be girlfriends, and then she'd introduce me to Gwyneth and Gwyneth would agree I look so super fab that really I should be Tracy's new spokesperson.

Anyhow.  I'm 3 days in and I love it! It's working!  I'm essentially eating baby food (actually, I've been feeding some of it to Muffin, though he isn't that into the steamed carrots and parsnips, smart boy) and dancing my way thin.  Home workouts are fantastic as a working mom.  It isn't easy, but hey - beauty is pain.  And it's worth it, because as we all know a great makeover can change your entire life.  Just look at Annie.  That little minx danced, dressed and sang her way into the heart of a gaziillionaire.  I've already got my man, so what's next?  Exciting! Stay tuned!

What's your dream?

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