Friday, November 2, 2012

Having It All

Dear Readers,

Though this may shock you, there is one time I hate shopping.  I really do not like shopping for most men.  I say "most" because I adore shopping for my husband and baby.  Thanks to me, they have a steady stream of adorable outfits and useful gadgets flow their way which I like to think make their life complete.  But other than my boys, I find shopping for men a chore, and I hate for my favorite pastime to be anything but what it's intended to be: a fun form of escapism that provides the necessary costuming and stage design for the theatre of life.  Say what you will about shopping being frivolous, but I do firmly believe that the right dress and decor really can change your life.

Enter my father's birthday which comes directly before Christmas.  For the man who has everything and more means than I, what do you buy?  I have had my share of hits and misses.  But I do detest wasting money and giving people things they stack in their closet the requisite amount of time before donating.  So every year I scroll through multiple online "men's gifts" lists and find nothing for the man who has everything except a hobby that inspires kitsch and gifts (if only he were a golfer or binge drinker...).

Then, this year an unlikely and wonderful catalog appeared in our mail and solved all of my problems: Restoration Hardware (Also check the website here and here.  The website isn't as easy to navigate as the catalog - ahem, RH peeps).  Now, I enjoy Restoration Hardware.  They have some fun things, even if their color palate is more bland than baby rice cereal.  But they have some fantastic man gifts this year, stretching from practical to whimsical to nostalgic that made my heart flutter with relief.  Finally!  Men's gifts that didn't include pajamas, cologne or a $500 interesting but unnecessary gadget.  Hoorah!

So, for the difficult on your list, check it out.  Turns out, you really can have it all.  Shopping true love restored.

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