Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Dear Readers,

Remember how fun Halloween used to be?  When you would spend weeks and weeks thinking about what you were going to be and how exciting it was to get all dressed up for school?  Well I do.  And it makes me a little sad that those days are past.

This year, despite coming up with what I thought was a tremendous idea for family Halloween costumes - Star Wars characters!  Me: Princess Leia; Hubby: Luke Skywalker; Baby: Yoda; Oscar, our chihuahua with a Napoleonic complex: Darth Vader - we in fact did not dress up.  Instead, I ordered Baby the equivalent of  a ham and cheese sandwich for a costume - a pumpkin costume from Carters.  Boring, serviceable, inoffensive.  Oh trust me, he looked completely adorable.  Anything on that baby is adorable, but it wasn't clever or unique.  In fact, nearly every, single baby on Facebook was wearing the exact same costume.  Alas.

One of the big reasons we didn't get into Halloween too much this year is that Baby is, well, 8 months old.  He doesn't "get" Halloween just yet.  All I've actually done to get in the spirit is buy candy, which I've selflessly been eating for the last week in an effort to spread Holiday cheer.  But, as I left for work today my mother came to the rescue.  She had kindly brought me a Halloween poncho (part Christmas sweater, part tree skirt, it truly is a sight to behold).  But she brought something else for herself that I loved - a Halloween fascinator!

YES.  Made popular in the States by the recent Royal Wedding, fascinators are all the rage!  And why not? They're whimsical, don't require the commitment of a full hat and yet provide all the flair you need to dress up any outfit.  I was sold the moment she tried it on. (And, let's be honest here, a little jealous.  How come I got the Mexican Fiesta Halloween Poncho?)

The brilliance is that all you need is a great fascinator and you're that cool, festive mom when you pair it with a flattering, all-black outfit.  Love it!  Etsy and Amazon have some fun options I'm considering.  Next year, I'll be ready, with bells (or webs, or whatever) on!

Happy Halloween!


  1. How in the WORLD do you have time for this wonderful blog?

  2. Haha:) Thanks, Aunt Leigh. I love to write! It's my outlet!