Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Fierce and the Fabulous

Dear Readers,

When I was pregnant I got very tired sifting through maternity clothing designed for extras on Little House On the Prairie or Chloe Sevigny on Big Love.  I appreciate that pregnancy is not the time to experiment with wearing a fringed bra top and jorts, but I still wanted to look young and directional in something that did not feature tiny flower print or pastels.  In truth, when you feel like you may hurl in the shower, it's at least nice to know you have something cute waiting for you when you can finally make it into your closet and out the door.

Alas, these items didn't seem to exist unless you wanted to mortgage your house and buy out all of Isabella Oliver (and I did, I really, really did).  Unwilling to fully commit to financial ruin for the sake of fasion, I feared I would instead be relegated to sister wife looks and that all hope was lost when I discovered ASOS.  ASOS is like H&M, Zara and Forever 21 mixed with a few overpriced brands you can easily ignore.  It's fresh, trendy and mostly budget friendly clothing for women of all shapes and sizes, including the pregnant variety.  Now, a warning: I ordered many, many things and nearly all of it went back.  But with free shipping both ways (a blessing and a curse, truth be told) who cares?

The one dress I kept was an adorable maroon swing maternity dress that I wore to death with black tights and heels to work and parties, feeling fabulous and cute.  And now I'm considering a few of their winter, non-maternity dresses that hit all the "F's" for the upcoming Christmas Party Circuit - you know, flirty, fun, fierce and forgiving as it has been discovered egg nog and ham don't mix well with tight or low-cut (ahem, bandage dress wearers).  Another major bonus?  Though they don't have reviews, they do have a "Runway" tab, so you can see the clothing in action.  Genius!

What are you waiting for?  Check it out, and get your fierce on!

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