Monday, October 29, 2012

Move over, Martha!

Dear Readers,

A long, long time ago I enjoyed cooking.  Along with my two-hour daily workouts, healthy, fresh cooking evaporated from my daily repertoire sometime during law school.  As a result, all my husband has ever heard is me saying "Oh I used to workout and cook all the time!" but all he's actually ever experienced is an exhausted wife watching reality shows and suggesting he have cereal for dinner if he's so hungry.

Fast-forward to today and our baby is now eating solids.  Do I buy him baby food?  Only if we're travelling, and then only if it's organic.  That's right - I'm that annoying mother who makes food from organic veggies and (catch this) veggies from our very own garden.  Meanwhile, my husband and I are eating hummus on crackers left-over from some long-ago party with a side of old Halloween candy and a glass of cheap wine.  The discrepancy is not lost on me.  I saw this and realized that, horrors, someday very soon our baby would be eating with us and perhaps I could stand to bump up my food game as well.

Enter  A friend of mine turned me on to this fantastic website and I LOVE IT.  Decision overload is an issue for me, especially by the time I reach the grocery store and absolutely by the time I get home. What to buy?  I don't know.  What to make?  I don't care.  Now, I have a weekly shopping list of 20 items that makes 5 recipes.  So, along with a few staples in my pantry I can make easy homemade dinners every night in around 30 minutes! (toot! toot!)  They cleverly even have vegetarian and gluten-free subscriptions in addition to their "classic" recipe options.

The pluses are endless: shorter shopping time, cheaper grocery bills, less waste, healthier dinners, and an actual answer to "what's for dinner" instead of a snarky "I don't know - what are you making?"  Another plus - a return to loving to cook!  In the past few weeks I've made homemade enchilada sauce,  roasted my first two chickens (side note - even if it grosses you out you really do have to clean them out...), and even made chicken stock and tomato soup from scratch.

What's that you say?  Check out that overachieving Martha Stewart?  Well, there are still nights when I don't cook, and I truly believe that cereal is a viable dinner option.  But things are improving.  And that is truly a "good thing."

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