Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Not Your Mama's Baby Gear

Dear Readers,

A very good friend of mine once said "all babies need is a boob and a blanket."  Fair enough.  Gear is for the parents.  But good gear is priceless if that means a nap, a shower, and a sleeping/happy baby.

As you know, I'm big into form.  But having a baby makes you a believer in function.  These items are the best of both.  Oh, and just FYI, we are big travelers.  Always on the go, hate to say "no" to things, so we needed gear that could help make baby happy en route and once we arrived.  This stuff fit the bill and then some.

Here are the "tops" for me:

1. Maclaren Rocker.  It rocks, it vibrates, it's fully adjustable and comes with carrying handles.  What more can I say?  Babies small and large are happy as a clam in it.

2.  Ergo Baby Carrier.  Sure, you look like a bit of an Earth Mama in one, but that's what makes it cool.  What's even better about it is that your baby can nap and get up and nap again in it happily while you do amazing things, like sit on the beach-side patio at the Del Coronado receiving guests and drinking cocktails for an entire day (true story).

3.  Baby Bjorn Travel Lite Crib.  It's not the biggest puppy, but it opens in seconds and is so light and compact, you can take it anywhere.  I am not mechanically inclined and I was sold the minute (make that 5 seconds) I put it together.

4.  Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag.  At first I thought these were nifty but not "me."  I wanted something that looked like a fabulous bag that just "happened" to be a diaper bag.  Then I decided to carry a Louis Vuitton Never Full around with baby gear in it before realizing that I was ruining my favorite tote.  So finally I broke down, discovered that they have a million new patterns and bought the Petunia Boxy Backpack in St. Germain.  It's wipe-able, has a fold out changing station, millions of pockets AND you can wear it as a backpack.  No, it's no Louis, but it's the Cadillac of baby bags.

5. diapers.  Adorable patterns.  Free wipes.  Ships to your door.  A "green" option and most importantly, they don't leak!  What more could a fashionable mommy and baby ask for?

Get it and get going!

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