Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Mother of Invention

Dear Readers,

So, yes, obviously I online shop.  A lot.  And one of my favorite sites is  I am convinced that there is a group of multi-million dollar mama's out there designing this stuff just for babysteals, and I thank them for it.  Ladies, your ingenuity makes my life, and my baby's life, better and better-looking:)

Sometimes I wish I worked for babysteals.  I'll be out, using one of these niffy items and people ask "Where did you buy that?  I want one!"  I could sell like a crazy woman.  Sadly, babysteals has but one item on sale per day (though they come back, usually).   If you're hard up, most of the stuff on babysteals is found on other websites.  BUT, babysteals has everything at a discount - usually 50% off!  I love nice things and I love a deal, so really, the website is like crack for me.  And I'm bringing you down with me!

IMO, the best of the best includes:

1. The RoSK woobee plush blanket.  Rain or Shine Kids ("RoSK") blankets are plush blanket on one side, wind/water resistant fabric "tarp" on the other with cute little ribbons on the sides so you can affix the blanket to your stroller, Baby Bjorn, car seat, etc.  Minus the ribbons I envisioned such a blanket for myself in college.  I thought of calling it a "blarp" (blanket/tarp...I know, not catchy).  Anyhow, clearly RoSK beat me to it.  Alas.  But I have benefited from their ingenuity   My baby was born in February and it helped keep him cozy despite the wind and the rain.  In the summer it was great for lying on the grass.  Tons of cute colors so no matter what you'll find one you like.

2.  The Tie Chair.  The Tie Chair is essentially a large flour sack that fits over the back of almost any chair and has ties that you wrap around your child to keep them from falling off.  It is a tiny, portable high chair and it works wonderfully!  You can spoon feed your child while they're in it or, when they're bigger, tie them in so they can eat with you without risk of keeling over.  And it smartly comes in the most adorable patterns - chevron, dots, etc.  Now you can visit any restaurant, any house, anywhere and know you won't have a lap child washing his hands in your soup.

3.  The PishPosh Mommy Caryall Organizer.  This little bag allows you to use any purse or bag as a diaper bag.  It's basically a purse organizer designed to hold baby stuff - bottles, wipes, etc. With its wealth of outside and inside pockets any fashionable bag can become a diaper bag.  I also love loading it up and tossing it into my stroller so I don't have to deal with a huge diaper bag on the handles.  Again, cute colors and patterns galore.  Oh mommy gear, why must you be so TEMPTING?!

You're welcome!

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