Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Maternity Clothes: The List

Dear Readers,

As you will learn, I am always on the search for things to make me look and feel fantastic.  When I was pregnant, that was no exception.  I was not one of those women who figured "Oh I'll just make my husband's shirts work with this band around my pants, making me look homeless/really fat/unisex."  Some girls can pull that off.  I'm curvy, tall and buy into the "look good/feel good" association a little too much.

Anyhow, when my good friends were PG as well, I created a list of my favorite clothing items.  Now that I'm post-pregnancy I can assure you that maternity clothes are NOT a waste of money.  Funny thing - your figure doesn't pop right back.  Well, mine didn't.  I'm not a supermodel.  And if yours did, good for you.  Keep it to yourself.  I was ever so thankful to have a few well-made items to wear to the pediatricians.  So even if I was a bit of a basket-case those first few months, I was always greeted with "well you look good!"  Oh, how deceiving a good pair of black pants can be.

On to the list!  The following got me through work, bars, BBQs, dinners, cocktails parties, fundraisers, showers, etc.  In my experience it's all about the shoes, jewelry and your existing cardigans and jackets to make it through in addition to the items below.

Best/most necessary/most useful items IMO:

1.  Black dress pants from Gap.  Best investment ever.  Wore them my whole entire pregnancy (and may still be wearing them...)

2.  Black maternity leggings and tanks from Target "Be Maternity" (the Target version of Ingrid and Isabel).  Wore them/wear them CONSTANTLY.  So comfy and I loved the material.

3.  One quality long tank top from Isabella Oliver in black.  I wore this about four times a week my entire pregnancy with pants and skirts and various non-maternity and maternity sweaters, jackets, etc.  

4.  Also from IO a black blazer, black pencil skirt, tunics, black cocktail dress and black wrap dress.  I wore them for work and non-work things.  Very versatile.  (And suddenly my credit cards statements make sense....)

5.  One pair of good designer maternity jeans.

6.  One pair of maternity yoga pants and a few maternity t-shirts to wear to workout/sleep/hang out (check out GAP or Old Navy).

And speaking of favs, while I didn't wear this a TON while preggo, I wore a long, white Isabella Oliver button down dress shirt all the time after I had the baby and nobody knew it was maternity (um, that I know of).

Also, I didn't appreciate my Tory Burch flats so much as I did post-baby.  I looked pulled together while still feeling like I was wearing slippers.

And finally, a little post-baby beauty advice: showering and wearing non-sweats gets you points with a newborn, apparently. 

All can be had online.  Happy shopping!


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