Monday, January 6, 2014

Ready or Not, Here I Come!

Dear Readers,

It's been forever!  Hello from 2014!

2013 was, in all honesty, just not my fav year.  That, however, is the past.  What's ahead you ask?  My real "goal" or resolution for 2014 is to be more planful.  Now, I'm already an organized gal most of the time (I have to be; I'm a working mom) but I want to be more strategic in my long-term planning (ie, not just day to day).  This sincerely goes against my nature as I view too much planning as boring and restrictive.  However, with bigger goals on the horizon - better health! no debt! unwasted free time! - global planning is where it's at.  And though everything in my life is on my computer/iPad/iPhone, I felt that my planning required some paper.  Specifically some pre-organized, very cute paper.

Enter my new amazing find: Emily Ley's The Simplified Life Binder.  I started looking at her adorable Simplified Planner, which is really more of a daily planner, but decided that thanks to Outlook that was unnecessary.  My issue is not planning my days, it's planning the bigger picture.  And I am SO EXCITED to really dive into this thanks to my adorable, new planner in "pool."  I also splurged at ordered Lara Casey's Making Things Happen PowerSheets for 2014.

So thanks to some smart and industrious girls out there, this girl is going to be organized and chic.  And skinny and money savvy (just right after this purchase).  And I can't hardly wait.

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