Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bag It

Dear Readers,

Shopping may not be my cardio with everything available online but it remains my occasional therapy.  Even so, I've been in a post-holiday clothing slump.  The weather outside is iffy and coupled with the fact we just started our cleanse I'm just not dying to purchase much in the clothing department.  Plus, let's be honest, there's nothing out there but a lot of blue and white until people start thinking about spring mid-March.

Still, just the other day I needed something "new" and decided to check out handbags.  That is when I found the ultimate Working Mom Bag: Coach's North/South City Tote in Saffiano Leather.  I purchased mine in a very safe black, mostly because it was on super sale ($150!) but honestly I'm loving the bright yellow too.

The details: Sexy?  Not really.  Fashion forward?  No, it's more of a classic.  But sleek, functional and nearly indestructible?  Heck yes.  It also happens to be the perfect size - that sweet spot between a purse and a travel bag, able to hold your large folders, iPad, snacks, a few trains and a diaper if necessary, but not so big people think you're about to catch a plane.  (Trust me on the size.  I have the lovely Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM and while I love, love that bag it's just really too big for daily use).  Plus, did I mention it's nearly indestructible?  Spills, scratches, it takes the knocks and keeps on looking great.

Look out for one of Coach's wonderful sales, like their 25% coupons they love to send out, and buy this bag!  You can thank me later.


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