Friday, January 24, 2014


Dear Readers,

Need a boost?  Check your vitamin intake.  For some reason there is a lot of skepticism in the media about vitamin supplements (ahem, pharmaceutical PR machines...), but in truth most of us would benefit wildly by taking more vitamins. (I mean, you hear about death from "drug complications/overdose" all the time; when's the last time you heard about a vitamin overdose?  That's what I thought.  For more on that, check out Food Matters.)

Anyhow, thanks to Gwyneth and her endless resources and BFF status with every major health guru, we the lesser folk now have more information on what to take via her Vitamin & Supplement Cheat Sheet.  Hooray!  GP even breaks it out by health issue: Stressed Out, Sleep Deprived, etc.  (Bigger question: What if you are "all of the above?"  Guess that means a sh*t ton of vitamins!)

Check it out!  And remember: The cleanse starts Monday!  Feel free to join me!!

Happy Friday,


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