Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Back for More

Dear Readers,

The Season of Indulgence is behind us but what stuck around?  Christmas/New Years party weight!  Hooray!  To combat this, and kick off 2014 like a champ, we're starting the Dr. Junger Clean cleanse again on Monday (so soon!).  This time, Sweetie and I have a cohort - my little sister!

As much as I know the first 3-5 days are going to be grueling, I can't help but feel excited for her and excited for us because I remember that great "clean" feeling of energy, lightness and clarity that comes with a proper cleanse.  Excitement aside, cleanses require menu planning ("fail to plan, plan to fail" really applies in cleanse world).  One of the challenges is finding food you actually want to eat.  Well, look no further than Spinach4Breakfast.

Written by adorable 20-something sisters in NYC who are making their way through the Clean cleanse and clean living while maintaining a social life this blog has great recipes and antidotes.  Plus it's accessible and pretty vs. crunchy, which sets it aside from the usual healthy eating blog pack (truthfully, I love a little crunch - after all, I went to Oregon - but pretty never hurts and it boosts the spirit).

Go check it out!  It's never to early to think about getting ready for that beach vacation, right?

Who's with me?!

*Image above is the Cucumber Pear Smoothie from Spinach4Breakfast.

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