Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wit and Whimsy

Dear Readers,

My resolution for 2013 is as follows: focus on happiness.  I'm naturally a pretty happy person, but I'm now actively focusing on bringing a little more sunshine into my world.  How, you ask?  By treating myself to happiness boosters inside and out:  1) Eating more fruits and veggies; 2)  Enjoying the moment; 3) Getting out and moving (walks, yoga, whatever) daily; and 4) Livening up the decor!

The last item is basically solved just by visiting Jonathan Adler's fabby website.  Life can be so serious and drab and "functional," can't it? Solutions! Add some unexpected frivolity to your surroundings and suddenly life goes from black and white to color.  I just love being surrounded by creative and joyful things because they make me feel, well, creative and joyful!  And that, for sure, is a happy thing.

Happy hunting!

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