Friday, January 4, 2013

All-Natural Bebe

Dear Readers,

Muffin is at an age where we are introducing him to more and more solid foods.  Somehow, overnight my infant is now a toddler who can feed himself little chunks of gum-able food instead of baby purees (well, sort of).  What I have learned is that Muffin is far more interested in what I'm eating than anything else.  And so it was that we discovered our little baby is a natural "herbi."  While some of these foods are not traditional "baby foods" to me, they're healthy, fast, cheap and real.  What could be better?

The first food Muffin loves is Mommy's fav comfort food: couscous, cooked garbanzo beans and steamed broccoli.  Yes, I know.  For some this may not rank high on the "what a day; I could really go for..." list, but it's high on mine and, now, Muffin's.  I use a little food hand grinder my mom actually used for me (similar, here) to make sure our 3-toothed doll doesn't choke on broccoli florets.  He could eat this all day and night by spoon or mashed into baby-finger-sized balls.

The second food Muffin loves is Shredded Wheat (broken in half), softened with a little almond milk mixed with blueberries and banana chunks.  Just this morning we each enjoyed some cereal and a rollicking game of "repeat that sound/head movement" followed by the best thing in the whole world: Muffin Laughs!

Try these!  I promise they'll beat jarred turkey and carrots (or even homemade pureed chicken and veggie soup as it turns out) any day of the week.

Bon Appetite, Bebe!

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