Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Full-On Fab

Dear Readers,

Winter is dragging on and I am beyond tired of all my cold weather clothing.  Hope appeared to be lost and I was about to start freezing it out in my new spring purchases when I got a fashion jolt from my new fav fashion blog: Atlantic-Pacific.  Now, let me take a tiny time-out to say that I really wish I looked like Ms. Blair Eadie all the time.  She totally is my best-case-scenario fashion twin (in my head).  Preppy, East-Coast but California cool...Yes, please!

Anyhow, Ms. Blair was wearing many full skirts in her posts (example: below) and I suddenly saw my new transition piece to get me through this dismal cold: a full midi-skirt (or two).  Seriously: for snow it works with tights, booties and a tucked-in sweater and come warmer temps just switch into a striped T and some cute wedges.  Ta-da!   I know - I live in a fashion wasteland and only now have awakened to the 50's trend.  Either way, I'm excited.  A full skirt is fun, easy to wear, and at a mid length super flattering and comfy.  Perfection.

If you haven't tried the trend yet, check out Boden's fab Grace skirt (on sale! and yes I know, the fact it's on Boden -and on sale already - really solidifies that I've been asleep at the switch on this trend) or Asos for a ton of fun and affordable options.

Also on my fashion horizon?  A long, chiffon maxi skirt with a cropped moto jacket for spring events.  Mmmmmm....coming soon!


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