Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Dear Readers,

Most days I feel like the lady at the carnival with spinning plates trying very hard to keep everything (work, baby, husband, food, sleep...) going without crashing down around my ears.  To do so I find myself stopping at the store on the way home from work, or worse on my lunch, to pick up such mundane but necessary items as detergent and flour nearly every evening.  It's the worst dashing through the isles in my high heels trying to speed shop so I can get home as quickly as possible.  However, it must be done, so stop I do.  Until now that is!

Enter Soap.com and it's fab friends including Reichenberg Fam Fav Vine.com.  Free overnight shipping to your very doorstep when you purchase $49 worth of stuff (and let's be real: you can easily spend that in a heartbeat on toilet paper, hand soap, dish soap, almond flour and baby snacks....the list goes on).  Also, now that our household is "greener" by the day, Vine.com is particularly grand because I can find a ton of all-natural products for the house, bath, baby and even cupboard with just a click of the mouse.  Better living through technology indeed.

And that's how 10 minutes on the web saves you 45 minutes after work and keeps your plates, and not your wheels, spinning.


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