Monday, February 11, 2013

Clutch Me Close

Dear Readers,

Valentine's Day is upon us, and you know what that means: overpriced, crowded dinner out and the search for the perfect outfit in which to eat said prix fixe fare.  As a married woman and mother, I will (sadly?) not be wearing a tiny cocktail dress as I would have in yesteryear.  Instead, my search recently leads me looking for something fun, with some pop of color, and warm.  I have some contenders, but my big hold-up this year was what to carry.

I suddenly have been craving a large, black clutch the way I used to crave ice cream shakes when I was PG with Muffin.  My biggest issue is actually finding the bag I wanted.  I don't need another logo bag but I also don't want a cheap, boring, black clutch.  I want something simple yet fashionably over-sized without an over-sized price tag.  And definitely with swanky, but discrete hardware.  My search appeared futile until I discovered the Clare Vivier line.

I know, I know: Late to the party as usual!  Whatever.  They're classic and I want one.  Or three, but for sure one.  They're everything I've wanted, and nothing more, which is a rarity in a time of studs, tassels and offensively over-sized logos.  A black and a leopard Fold-Over Clutch for all-purpose fabulousness (animal is a neutral after-all) and white Monogram Striped Flat with a bold black stripe and my initials for...well, anything I want.  (It's that fab!)

Is there anything better than finding your bag soul mate and having it accompany you to dinner with your one true love?  I think not.


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