Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Toast To You

Dear Readers,

Happy Valentine's Day!

I know - it's a day of mixed emotions.  Thinking back on my many V-days (well, not THAT many...) I can recall everything from getting excited I received flowers at my sorority house only to read the card and realize they were from my Dad (and not my on again/off again BF at the time) to having my husband slave over an incredible 4-course dinner followed by a movie he'd made of our life together so far.  Oh, the peaks and valleys!

This is our first Valentine's with Muffin and we are treating ourselves to some take-out, some Veuve and an early bedtime.    Crazy romantic?  Maybe not, but life is a little less about each of us these days and more about all of us.  Which is why I really loved stumbling across a new blog: TOAST.  Finally - a blog that "gets it."

TOAST is like a great girlfriend with her finger on the pulse filled with ideas, suggestions and info for the "modern woman" (also see - "lady wearing many hats who tries to do it all").  There are fun local tid-bits for those of us in the Tahoe area, but also wonderful ideas and articles that women in different stages of life anywhere can benefit from.  Given my circumstances, my personal fav was an article on how to select a daycare (hello, MASSIVE) including questions to ask, and where to look, etc.  Love it, and thank you I needed that.

But I guess I especially love that TOAST is for the whole woman, not just one facet.  Because like all of our Valentine's Days, life changes, we grow and develop, and the support we need changes too.  Always moving, always striving, and some valuable help and inspiration along the way: now that's something to celebrate.

A toast!  Cheers to us, Ladies!  A votre sante!

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