Friday, February 1, 2013

One-Two Punch

Dear Readers,

I love chunky gold accessories, especially ones that work for dress and play.  Recently, I was seeing a ton of the HRH Original Cuff (see image from HRH's site, below) on one of my regularly-checked blogs, My Style Pill.  Every time I saw it I thought "I NEED THAT NECKLACE."  I like MSP but, truly, I prefer her outfits with "The Cuff."  It is a testament to my willpower that it has taken me this long to procure this fabby necklace.

Anyhow, I finally broke-down and bought it.  And it really gave my wardrobe the punch I had hoped for!  Skinny jeans, booties, T and The Cuff?  Super cool.  Fitted sweater, pencil skirt and The Cuff?  Client-ready.  LBT, heels and The Cuff?  Holly Golightly approved.  Seriously, my only real concern is that it holds up to all my (perceived) overuse.  May it live on shiny and statementy!

Happy Friday

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