Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Quantum Cleansing

Dear Readers,

Well, Sweetie and I are on Day 3 of our cleanse.  We did 3 days of "pre-cleansing" where we ate strictly on an elimination diet, and now are on the third full day of the "real" cleanse.  How's it going?  First the positives: I'm lighter, not very hungry, and the shakes aren't terrible with added blueberries, spinach, flax and almond milk.  The negatives: We haven't found "favorite" meals yet, and when Muffin turns down perfectly good mac and cheese we both are like "whhhhyyyyy do you see what Mommy and Daddy are eating???," we were super-duper exhausted at night for a few days, and both were just kinda down in the dumps initially, honestly.  But last night I started feeling myself pulling out of all that and regaining my energy.  Then, I couldn't sleep.  Obviously.

During this "not sleeping" I tried very, very hard to not do what I'd usually do and reach for a Tylenol P.M. to mask whatever thoughts were keeping me up so I could go back to sleep.  Instead, inspired by Dr. Junger's concept of "quantum cleansing" - ie emotional and physical cleansing - I lay awake to face my anxiety and thoughts head-on.  No real solutions just yet to life's burning issues, but maybe soon.

In the meantime, we have started some cleanse-suggested physical activities (you know, to use up all that non-eating time) - going for family walks and doing some light yoga.  We signed up for YogaVibes on our Roku, so we can do it in our house whenever we want.  So far we've done one whole class (go us!) but it was pretty good.  Breathing, releasing, stretching...all very needed, obviously as the next day I was a little sore.  Yikes.  Welcome back to your body, Catherine!

Anyhow, since I'm on my quantum-cleanse kick, I thought I'd share this quote with you all.  As I cleanse I'm trying to practice kindness towards both myself and others.  Even when all I really want to do is focus exclusively on me and chow down on some mac and cheese.

Here you go!

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