Thursday, July 18, 2013

Life in the Fab Lane

Dear Readers,

Today, Sweetie and I began a cleanse.  A no-doubt, celebrity-tested cleanse designed to change our bodies and mind.  Yesterday, driving to Whole Foods to purchase some cleanse-friendly items I suddenly felt a euphoric surge of happiness.  We're doing this!  I'm going to be so HEALTHY and THIN!  Hooray!!

See, in the months since New Years we were uber healthy.  Obnoxiously so.  Then...well, you know.  Life.  Work.  A Mexican vacation.  And suddenly we were both sluggish and chubby and our high and mighty vegan ways were barely even contemplated as we ate delivery pizza.  Again.  It was like the Christmas eating/drinking season in July. To re-boot, and finally really nail down what foods are best for us, we decided to cleanse.  Everyone does it post-holidays, why not us?

Fast-forward to last night.  After Muffin went to bed we made quinoa and lentils and harvested some veggies from our garden (yes, we're "those" people with a trendy suburban veggie garden) over our very last glass of wine for a while.  Our plan (thanks in part to one of the Wellness Coaches at Clean) is to keep such items on hand for quick salad lunches and whatnot.  I was exhausted when my head hit the pillow.

This morning, my first attempt at a "clean"-friendly meal was "pancakes" that made my husband want to cry thinking to the month ahead.  Not the start I had hoped for, but there's time.  Make that, like, a whole month.
So what are you doing already????  you're asking.  Well, we're doing the Dr. Junger of "Clean" book fame cleanse.  Gwyneth did it, Kris Karr, Donna you know it's legit.  I'll provide updates as this goes along.  Keep your fingers crossed.

In the meantime, since eating will go from being one of my favorite activities to a non-event, I'm going to get my dessert in the visual variety.  And this, really, is it.  Behold: DVF, her estate, and some completely fabby photos.  My new goal is to live like DVF (best quote: "I don't wear vintage.  I AM vintage.").  What a rockstar.

Cheers to Day One!

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