Monday, June 10, 2013

Best Blocks

Dear Readers,

Muffin and I are headed on a beach vacay without Sweetie (I know, terrible) to Mexico in a few days!  It more or less fell in our lap, so this means a lot of sun and sand and a lot of sunblock.

Our recent foray into veganism has inspired the use of less-toxic beauty and bath products as well.  So I turned to my fav, Environmental Working Group ("EWG"), for a little guidance on what sunblocks to bring.

My purchase?  California Baby Super Sensitive Broad Spectrum 30+ Sunscreen.  I really love the California Baby products in general (the Overtired and Cranky baby wash is a Muffin + Mommy fav!) and this is no exception.  I tried the Dr. Robin sunblock last summer, and although it was probably working and its list of credentials impressive (it's also on the EWG "good" list) it made Muffin look like he was in Kabuki makeup. After a lot of questions regarding the wellness of my (perfectly well, thank you) baby, that just wasn't going to fly all summer long.

Check it out for happy (safe) sunning!

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