Monday, March 25, 2013

A Good Nose

Dear Readers,

Muffin has a terrible cold and we are using for the second time the ever-crazy looking NoseFrida.  I myself thought it looked like crazy/Hippie/mom-sacrificing-everything-for-baby nonsense until my friend Crystal told me she loved hers.  This gave me pause.  Crystal is not crazy, nor is she a Hippie.  And as a mother of twins, she's by default no-nonsense.  So I figured - why not try it?

I picked mine up at Whole Foods (see also WalMart, and low and behold it works much better than the bulb or the electronic thingy (which could be a user error, but whatever).  Now, fair warning:  Muffin hates the NoseFrida just as all children hate such things.  My husband likes to say it looks like I'm sucking his brains out because Muffin does this great screaming, eyes rolling into the back of his head back arch while I try to calmly clear his nose.  Shockingly, given its popularity, I'm the only parents who has mastered the art of the NoseFrida.  But, it works.  It works GREAT.  And in this parenting world, that's what we need: stuff that works.

So if you're game, go for it!  You can thank me, even if your kids don't.

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