Friday, March 22, 2013

And....We're Back!

Dear Readers,

I just cannot stay away from you.  So much to share.  But I'll keep it simple!  I just read this fab post on Rage Against the Minivan and I thought "this must be shared - the holiday madness must stop!!"  

As you know, Muffin is one.  Sad but true, we did NOTHING for St. Patrick's Day (OK - other than put a "my first St. Patrick's Day" bib on him - and technically it was his second). I didn't even wear green. Then I ran into a friend in the grocery store who, after pinching me, was horrified to hear we did nothing to celebrate the day.  All I could think was "really?" but then I started worrying....what will happen when Muffin goes to school?  I'm SCREWED.  

You all know I love Muffin and design and fabulousness, but honey - there just isn't enough time for the Pintrest of it all all the time.  And guess what?  Easter is moments away!  Have you made your special egg and flower decorations by hand yet?  Planned the perfect color-coordinating brunch with outfits that match?  Because I haven't.  I refuse.

So on behalf of me, and busy moms everywhere - THANK YOU Ms. Minivan.  You're speaking my language and I love it.

Happy Friday!  May it be a relaxing weekend for you all.


  1. I understand where Ms. Minivan is coming from....however; I think it's great to do a little something on those holidays. It allows the imagination to run wild. I'm not talking about doing something crazy....but a little Leprechaun trap and some gold coins is not totally going out of your way.
    I do think we focus on what reward rather than the actual day, but it is fun to see little ones reactions when they think the Leprechaun peed in the toilet because it's green. :)
    My only question is this, since when did every. single. holiday. have candy associated with it? It's insane if you think about it....there is NOT one holiday we have where there isn't color coordinated candy to go with the holiday.
    And I too am glad you are back!

  2. Keri - Yea! Thanks for reading! I personally LOVE holidays and they are 100x more fun with kids. But, me personally, I have to pick and choose. Maybe it's because I go too far with everything, but I just can't go "all in" for every holiday, birthday and event. Especially because, frankly, it's the moms and not the dads who do all the planning, shopping, etc. But I too had to stop myself from judging that Ms. Minivan didn't at least make an effort after her son was so excited to help. The woman has 4 kids and a job. I cannot imagine! But I look forward to hearing about what you do for your kids someday! Lucky them:)

  3. Yay! You're back, and I love it! And, couldn't agree with you more on this topic! :)