Sunday, February 16, 2014

Your Momma Was Right (?)

Dear Readers,

After seeing this post by Ms. Wendy Nguyen (love her) I found myself desperately wanting this sweater.  The issue?  It's $325.  And let's be real: this is not a time-honored staple, but a fun take on the nautical trend (which arguably is always in style, but the cutesy phrase doesn't read "staying power" closet-wise).  Anyhow, keeping with my "invest only if it's fabulous, 100% necessary or multi-season/multi-use" theory of shopping, I decided against the Banjo & Matilda sweater but believed very deeply I'd find it's cheaper twin soon.

How right I was.  Although, where I found it was a bit more surprising.  Talbots.  Yes, I know.  Your mother's store (or worse, grandmothers).  But I happened to catch a glance of this tidy little number in the window the other day and, along with the 30% off sign, decided to go inside and take a look.  The style is unquestionably similar and the fit is "classic" and loose, which makes it great with skinny jeans and as a layering piece.  Long story short: Sold.  (Question: Since I remember Talbots model Niki Taylor being in my Seventeen Magazine am I suddenly now their target market?  Good Lord...).

So there you have it: Catherine the Penny Pincher (laugh, go ahead, laugh) gets "the" sweater, it just took a little looking and checking my store snobbery at the door.  And it was worth it.

What else have I been missing....?

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